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This weekend like usual, our little family did some serious play. And the more we play, the more we tend to recharge creatively and come back with both clarity and new ideas.

As JOYBOX begins, we are contemplating what we like to call our Philosophy of Play. In our family, play – and the importance of play for holistic growth, health, and creativity – is influenced by our own upbringing as well as our children’s. But we also love to challenge ourselves with the “why’s” behind play and our products, and are inspired by the following:



We are looking forward to unpacking these labels soon via the blog.

Photos from this weekend: Johnny watching the ‘big boys’ at the skate park while on his balance bike, and the unexpected joy as he later leapt off his bike, tossed off his shoes in delight, and abandoned himself to a tiny puddle of water on the boardwalk path.

PLAY – the highest form of research.